Is price indicative of quality?


When we’re looking to buy something new, we often consider two factors: Price and quality. Sometimes we know that we can get what we pay for, but this isn’t always the case. We can occasionally come across an incredible bargain that can mean we end up with a great product that we paid little for.

So how can we pay less for a quality item?

The fact of the matter is that if we know how to do it, we really can buy a high quality item for a lower price. Here are some factors that you should consider, before you make that purchase:

Is the product priced higher because of the brand name?

When it comes to some products, you could be paying a little extra because of the products’ brand name. A lot of people know and trust particular brands, which is why the manufacturers get away with charging a little more. Did you know that many cheaper supermarket brands are made on the same production line as some of the more expensive brands?


Is there a cheaper model that’s exactly the same?

Chances are there probably is, or there’s likely to be a similar one. When it comes to buying ketchup for example, were you aware that a lower priced ketchup is made on the same production line as a very popular one? Let me explain why: The more expensive brand is quite thick, and it’s the thick ketchup that ends up being sold at a higher price. Any ketchup that has a less thick consistency automatically gets sold to supermarkets, who then label it as their own brand. So you see, you’re getting the same product, its consistency is just a little thinner.


Have you read any product reviews?

Sometimes, reading product reviews is the best way for you to find out which products are worth the extra cost. For example, the best 2 slice toaster may not be the most expensive one, read some reviews and you’re likely to find out which is the best.


Is there likely to be a sale coming up?

If you think there is likely to be a sale coming up, then it may be worth your while hanging on. If you don’t need to buy the best 4 slice toaster right now, then consider waiting a little longer as you could save yourself some cash.


How about compromising?

In the end, you may need to do a bit of compromising if you need to make the purchase pretty soon. If you want a good quality product that doesn’t cost the earth, I would recommend going for a middle of the range product. This is because middle of the range products are generally pretty good, without being overly expensive. Read some reviews, and you could find a middle of the range product is just what you need.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors for you to consider when shopping for a good quality product. I know that this may seem like a lot to think about, but the more you think about what you can do to save cash on something good, the more likely it is that you will.

Is it worth paying a little extra for the very best?

Oosterbeek-shopping--004Many of us are familiar with the phrase “You get what you pay for”, but some of us are so good at finding a bargain, that it may not always be true.

When it comes to shopping for groceries, it’s always a good idea to see what’s on offer, and if you can get a better deal elsewhere. This is what the good old British public has been doing of late, because we all know how important it is to get a bargain.

Should we avoid paying extra?

So should we keep our hands in our pockets and avoid paying extra for something? Does paying less always save you money, or could you end up losing out? The fact of the matter is that you have to know what you can pay less for, and what you really shouldn’t. If you’re doing up your kitchen for example, chances are you won’t want to spend very little on a washing machine, as the price usually reflects the quality. Sometimes, you do have to be prepared to pay a little bit more for something that you know will last.

But don’t cheap products last?

It depends what you mean by ‘Cheap’, for example, I recently bought a set of knives from the value range in my local supermarket. The knives looked ok, they didn’t look fabulous, but then again, they were ridiculously cheap. After a few weeks, we started to have problems with the knives, the blade would come out of the handle, and they didn’t cut very well. As you can imagine, this was a little frustrating, and by the time there was only one decent knife left, I had already bought some sabatier knives that cost a little more, but were obviously superior.

In this case, it was clear to see that spending more money worked out, as the product was better, and the knives are still going strong.

Take a chance

One of the best things you can do to determine whether or not something cheaper is indeed better, is to take a chance. Those cheaper shop branded cornflakes may be just as nice as the more expensive ones, so too may be the loaf of bread. If that loaf of bread or packet of cornflakes doesn’t turn out to be great, then you’ve not lost anything, and you can go back to your preferred brand.


Taking a chance with things like groceries is ok, but you have to be careful when you’re planning to buy larger items.

If you’re looking for a new oven for example, it may not be ideal to spend as little as possible if you want a good oven that will always work well for you. This is not to say that some cheaper ovens are not good quality, but if you’re looking for a high standard of manufacture and a product that lasts a long time, then you may want to think about paying a little bit more money.

5 Tips to Create Awesome Explainer Videos

In Car VideoI am going to share with you 5 ways to create awesome explainer videos that your sellers and buyers will want to watch, along with a few vital tips to ensure your marketing aims are reached with video.

Here are the first 5 steps to making great animated explainer videos that bring more sellers and buyers.

Know who your videos are for

Describe, define or remind yourself of who your perfect customer is. Take the time to write this down or discuss about your best client with your team prior to your video production. The clearer you can explain your target client the easier it will be to create videos that cover topics that are vital to them and how they would like to view what is important to them.

Know what they want to watch

Explain the best 10 question your target customers are interested in before you sell or buy a home. These questions could be tips your target customers would want to educate themselves on how to make a perfect buying decision. Make these videos as helpful and informative as easy and include a clear call to action that makes it simple to make buying plan.

Explain the best 10 topics that your target customers are interested in right now that are not openly related to selling or buying a home in your city. These topics could be related to trends or news or just common interest that you feel confident your target customer would want to see.

Get the video viewed by your target customer

There are lots of different unique promotional options to get your videos viewed online. All those promotional options fall into one or more of only 3 different categories. Those internet marketing categories are Vseo, Social video marketing or paid advertising of your video. The top way to make a plan about you should begin with getting your videos viewed is to go back to your explanation of your focus market and online the locations they are most likely to want to watch your videos.

Have a Clear Call to Action

One of the strongest problems I see in video promotion is a well produced video that has tons of views but no call to action. There are lots of different selections depending on your aims for your video, but each video should have a very unique call to action. I have had discussions with realtors that want to make a video and not add a call to action.

Hire an Expert Company to Make Animated Explainer Videos

Nowadays, lots of online companies help you to make animated explainer videos that improve your selling or traffic of the website. You can hire an expert company like Finch Media that make animated explainer videos. Animated videos are most attractive then camera video users want to view these types of video again and again. If you create creative video definitely it goes viral on internet. So hire an expert company to do this job.

Further Reading

Examples of great explainer videos


5 things you should about debt arrangement schemes (DAS)

The Debt Arrangement Scheme, popularly abbreviated to DAS, is a government-backed debt management plan available to the Scottish citizens aimed at enabling individuals to repay their debts through a debt payment programme (DPP). Applicants who are eligible for the scheme and are approved to get one will get a reprieve from paying interests, fees and any charges on outstanding debts and be safe from any legal actions that creditors would take against them. In return, the creditor agrees to pay the outstanding debts over a reasonable time in instalments that suit them.

Since it was introduced in 2004, the DAS has been a very instrumental law that has helped many people repay their debts and protect themselves against court action. However, that is not all. There is a lot you need to know about DAS and although this post does not highlight all of them, it does focus on a few essential elements of DAS that you probably were not aware of. Read on to find out.

1. DAS is a scheme, not a payment plan

Before you jump on it and see it as a saviour from all your debts, understand that Debt Arrangement Scheme is just a statutory scheme and not a payment plan that just protects you from legal actions while you work to pay your debts. Applying for DAS is not the same as filing bankruptcy.

2. Interest and fees charged on your debt is frozen

Perhaps the second most important thing about the Scottish debt arrangement scheme after the relief of paying the much you can gradually is that once you are approved interest and other fees on your debts are frozen. Your creditors will freeze any interest and charges meaning that you will be set to clear your debts sooner than you otherwise would have.

3. DAS is flexible

When you have debts you have trouble repaying, your life will also be full of ups and downs, but the debt arrangement scheme is designed to be flexible enough to change with the situation. All you need to do when the times are hard or when you have things working for you is talk to your money advisor suggesting the changes you want to make.

4. You can take a break from the payments

When a time comes when things take a dramatic turn and your income slumps by more than 50 per cent, you can talk to your money manager about taking a break from making the payments for up to six months. This is understandable if you lose your job, go on a paternity or maternity leave or when you and your partner split.

5. Your creditors will leave you alone

While your creditors cannot take legal action against you for having difficulty repaying them as agreed, you will be happy knowing that they cannot demand payment from you as long as you are in the DAS register. The DAS register is accessible by all your creditors and they are required to desist from taking any action while you work on a debt payment plan.

You should also know that you can include your household bills such as power, water and telephone bills, mortgage, rent and other levies, including council taxes. This basically means that the Scottish debt arrangement scheme is an umbrella that will shelter you from the raid till you get back on track.

Planning for Financing your Wedding

Planning for Financing your WeddingThe wedding day is perhaps the one day, if there had to be one, when you want everything to be perfect; no detail missed, and nothing worse than it could have been; and because of this the cost of your wedding can reach dizzying heights if left unchecked and unplanned. In this article I hope to give some advice on how to keep your finances in check and not allow yourself to run into a huge amount of debt to start your married life.

Make a budget

This is extremely important in the planning stages of your wedding and preferably done in advance so that you have enough time to incorporate changes that happen, or any unforeseen event. Once you know your budget you can be much more disciplined and not allow yourself to be tempted by small nice things which will add up and add up. By doing this you will find good deals for the money you assign to the wedding.

Decide on the type of wedding

This is fairly connected to the previous paragraph and both will influence each other, the major factor in this is which one you decide on first, and which is more important to you. More likely than not, you will be more preoccupied with the type of wedding you want to have, and will work around that. Things such as how many people you want to invite are going to lead to things like how many people you are going to have to feed, and how many people you are going to have to employ to keep them all served and happy for the duration, which will lead to the size of the location having to be considered too.

This is just one part of the many things that you have to really plan for. One detail will lead to another and you will find that if you do not think of everything to the end you will encounter more surprises than you need to.

Consider all the details

As I mentioned above if you do not plan for everything, then things can go wrong because you will come across situations you simply were not prepared for. There are many details that have to be properly and carefully considered, and many of these will be things that you may have overlooked, like having a photographer to capture the whole event. This is a good example of when you give yourself enough time you can find a good photographer for a good price and that is very experienced such as Pauls Studio.

Getting the best for your money

Getting the best for your moneyIt’s so important for you to get the best for your money no matter what you do. Whether you’re buying your weekly shopping or you’re looking for a new car. You need to try to get a bargain because if you’re not careful you can spend more than you really need to.

I always do my best to save money or get the best for my money where I can. This can be easier said than done sometimes though. The good news is that if you follow these simple tips you could find yourself spending a lot less:

  1. Ask yourself if you really need it – If you walk past a shop window and see something you like, ask yourself if you really need it. This is what I do each time I see a new jacket for example. I think ‘Do I really need it?’ and think about how many jackets I have at home. I then give myself at least 3 days before I consider buying the item, if I still want it I go back and buy it. Usually though I forget about the jacket, and when I remember it a week later I realise I probably didn’t need it in the first place.
  2. Can you get it cheaper elsewhere? – It’s always worth shopping around, no matter what you’re looking for. Recently my sister wanted to buy an LED mirror for her bathroom and rather than buy the first one she saw, she shopped around. Doing this saved her £35 because she found it cheaper somewhere else.
  3. Wait until the sales hit the shops – If there’s something you need, why not wait until the sales hit your local shops? You can usually save a nice bit of money this way. Make sure you don’t buy something for the sake of buying. I’ve seen a lot of people go mad when a sale is on because they can get something quite cheap. Even though a nice new microwave is reduced by £20 it doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you have a perfectly good one at home.

The above 3 tips can help to save you a bit of cash and make you think before you part with it. Try not to impulse buy, and always try to plan your shops if you can. You’ll be grateful you did when you work out how much you’ve saved.

Finance – Anglo Nordic

Finance - Anglo NordicEffective tips to save on heating oil during winter

Living becomes very difficult in many ways during the winter season, not only because the cold makes it very difficult to get things done or to get from point A to point B but also because there new huge expenses that you have to meet just to keep warm. As the winter is fast approaching, you will need to be prepared for the cold months and find ways to spend as little as possible and save when you can. As the times get more difficult and the economy being in a downward slope, many tenants and home owners get very fearful on how they will afford to keep their families warm and comfortable as the cost of heating has shot up. Now that you found this post, I have a few tips that will certainly help you save some pounds on heating. Continue reading

Buy Instagram Followers and have them Instantaneously Delivered to Your Account

Buy Instagram Followers and have them Instantaneously Delivered to Your AccountAre you on Instagram and wondering what to do since you do not get that large following you wanted? You can buy instagram followers and have your problem solved within no time. You need not scout around for the best site either. Follow factor is here to do all this for you at a very friendly cost. It is clear that Instagram has millions of users and all these are competing to have their accounts recognized by the largest number of people as possible to boost their social presence. It is clear therefore that the only way to stand out among them is to go that extra mile of buying followers. This is because if you wait for your account to generate followers by itself, it may take you centuries to achieve this. Why wait when you can hasten the process? Continue reading

How much is too much on Hair?

How much is too much on Hair?People consider hair to be a very important part of the body which requires a lot of attention, and consequentially a lot of money to get it to where you want it to be. Not only is there all the money on products such as shampoos and hair straighteners and curlers, but also all the haircuts and anything else extra that you decide to use. Whether or not you would prefer to spend more or less on your hair, money will always be spent, and the question must be asked whether it is better to spend a lot of money for something that is good and durable, or less money on something that doesn’t work so well. Continue reading

Trust Copperloy to Offer You the Best Industrial Ramps

Trust Copperloy to Offer You the Best Industrial RampsWhen it comes to industry equipments, no one wants to take chances. There are many companies that have made losses simply because they did not choose the best industry suppliers for all the equipment that they needed. This is one of the reasons why as an industry supplier, Copperloy does not take their clients for granted. This is a company that has been supplying industrial ramps as well as all the other related equipment to their clients. Other than the excellent customer care and products that the company offers, the experience that it has had over the years means that they have been able to maintain high profile clients and industrial leaders. Continue reading