How to save money for your wedding

savemoneyWhen the average wedding costs about £22,000, you need to do all you can to ensure you have the cash when you need it. With your big day looming, you’re probably making plans, trying to ensure everything will go ok, and save as much money as you can.

£22,000 is a lot of money, and chances are you could be saving up for your wedding for quite some time. This is one of the reasons why many people get engaged, and set a date that’s 2 years away. So, how will you go about saving the money you need for your wedding? You’ll be pleased to know that I have pulled together a few tips that will help you to save the cash you need:

  1. Give yourself a budget and stick to it- this is a great way of making sure that you lower your monthly outgoings, so you can put a little more aside for your big day
  2. Don’t be afraid to shop around – check out a lot different wedding stores so you get the best for your money. You can get some great Mother of the Bride Dresses from Frox of Falkirk, as well as the perfect wedding dress for you.
  3. Don’t take your credit card out with you – this could be a recipe for disaster, as I’m sure you’re aware. If you have a credit card with you, you’re more likely to use it. Keep your credit card safely tucked away at home, and only use it in emergencies.
  4. Set yourself some savings goals. Try to save £1,000 by the 1st of November, for example. Don’t forget to monitor how your savings plan is going, so you know exactly where you are.
  5. Save that bonus you got from work, or that fiver you found in your purse – Every penny and pound adds up, and it will make you a little closer to your goal. It doesn’t matter if you only manage to save an extra £5 each week, it all helps.
  6. Try to cut down on those unnecessary expenses – Do you really need to buy new clothes every month? Do you really need that £50 TV subscription? How about your weekly takeaways? Can you cook the meal yourself instead? Try to make cuts where you can, and you’ll soon find your savings will increase.

Start saving money as soon as you can, and try not to rely on your credit card to pay for your wedding. The more money you can save right now, the less you will have to pay back at a later date.

Start saving for your big day now, as it will come ‘round a lot quicker than you think.

5 things you should about debt arrangement schemes (DAS)

The Debt Arrangement Scheme, popularly abbreviated to DAS, is a government-backed debt management plan available to the Scottish citizens aimed at enabling individuals to repay their debts through a debt payment programme (DPP). Applicants who are eligible for the scheme and are approved to get one will get a reprieve from paying interests, fees and any charges on outstanding debts and be safe from any legal actions that creditors would take against them. In return, the creditor agrees to pay the outstanding debts over a reasonable time in instalments that suit them.

Since it was introduced in 2004, the DAS has been a very instrumental law that has helped many people repay their debts and protect themselves against court action. However, that is not all. There is a lot you need to know about DAS and although this post does not highlight all of them, it does focus on a few essential elements of DAS that you probably were not aware of. Read on to find out.

1. DAS is a scheme, not a payment plan

Before you jump on it and see it as a saviour from all your debts, understand that Debt Arrangement Scheme is just a statutory scheme and not a payment plan that just protects you from legal actions while you work to pay your debts. Applying for DAS is not the same as filing bankruptcy.

2. Interest and fees charged on your debt is frozen

Perhaps the second most important thing about the Scottish debt arrangement scheme after the relief of paying the much you can gradually is that once you are approved interest and other fees on your debts are frozen. Your creditors will freeze any interest and charges meaning that you will be set to clear your debts sooner than you otherwise would have.

3. DAS is flexible

When you have debts you have trouble repaying, your life will also be full of ups and downs, but the debt arrangement scheme is designed to be flexible enough to change with the situation. All you need to do when the times are hard or when you have things working for you is talk to your money advisor suggesting the changes you want to make.

4. You can take a break from the payments

When a time comes when things take a dramatic turn and your income slumps by more than 50 per cent, you can talk to your money manager about taking a break from making the payments for up to six months. This is understandable if you lose your job, go on a paternity or maternity leave or when you and your partner split.

5. Your creditors will leave you alone

While your creditors cannot take legal action against you for having difficulty repaying them as agreed, you will be happy knowing that they cannot demand payment from you as long as you are in the DAS register. The DAS register is accessible by all your creditors and they are required to desist from taking any action while you work on a debt payment plan.

You should also know that you can include your household bills such as power, water and telephone bills, mortgage, rent and other levies, including council taxes. This basically means that the Scottish debt arrangement scheme is an umbrella that will shelter you from the raid till you get back on track.

Planning for Financing your Wedding

Planning for Financing your WeddingThe wedding day is perhaps the one day, if there had to be one, when you want everything to be perfect; no detail missed, and nothing worse than it could have been; and because of this the cost of your wedding can reach dizzying heights if left unchecked and unplanned. In this article I hope to give some advice on how to keep your finances in check and not allow yourself to run into a huge amount of debt to start your married life.

Make a budget

This is extremely important in the planning stages of your wedding and preferably done in advance so that you have enough time to incorporate changes that happen, or any unforeseen event. Once you know your budget you can be much more disciplined and not allow yourself to be tempted by small nice things which will add up and add up. By doing this you will find good deals for the money you assign to the wedding.

Decide on the type of wedding

This is fairly connected to the previous paragraph and both will influence each other, the major factor in this is which one you decide on first, and which is more important to you. More likely than not, you will be more preoccupied with the type of wedding you want to have, and will work around that. Things such as how many people you want to invite are going to lead to things like how many people you are going to have to feed, and how many people you are going to have to employ to keep them all served and happy for the duration, which will lead to the size of the location having to be considered too.

This is just one part of the many things that you have to really plan for. One detail will lead to another and you will find that if you do not think of everything to the end you will encounter more surprises than you need to.

Consider all the details

As I mentioned above if you do not plan for everything, then things can go wrong because you will come across situations you simply were not prepared for. There are many details that have to be properly and carefully considered, and many of these will be things that you may have overlooked, like having a photographer to capture the whole event. This is a good example of when you give yourself enough time you can find a good photographer for a good price and that is very experienced such as Pauls Studio.

Getting the best for your money

Getting the best for your moneyIt’s so important for you to get the best for your money no matter what you do. Whether you’re buying your weekly shopping or you’re looking for a new car. You need to try to get a bargain because if you’re not careful you can spend more than you really need to.

I always do my best to save money or get the best for my money where I can. This can be easier said than done sometimes though. The good news is that if you follow these simple tips you could find yourself spending a lot less:

  1. Ask yourself if you really need it – If you walk past a shop window and see something you like, ask yourself if you really need it. This is what I do each time I see a new jacket for example. I think ‘Do I really need it?’ and think about how many jackets I have at home. I then give myself at least 3 days before I consider buying the item, if I still want it I go back and buy it. Usually though I forget about the jacket, and when I remember it a week later I realise I probably didn’t need it in the first place.
  2. Can you get it cheaper elsewhere? – It’s always worth shopping around, no matter what you’re looking for. Recently my sister wanted to buy an LED mirror for her bathroom and rather than buy the first one she saw, she shopped around. Doing this saved her £35 because she found it cheaper somewhere else.
  3. Wait until the sales hit the shops – If there’s something you need, why not wait until the sales hit your local shops? You can usually save a nice bit of money this way. Make sure you don’t buy something for the sake of buying. I’ve seen a lot of people go mad when a sale is on because they can get something quite cheap. Even though a nice new microwave is reduced by £20 it doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you have a perfectly good one at home.

The above 3 tips can help to save you a bit of cash and make you think before you part with it. Try not to impulse buy, and always try to plan your shops if you can. You’ll be grateful you did when you work out how much you’ve saved.

Finance – Anglo Nordic

Finance - Anglo NordicEffective tips to save on heating oil during winter

Living becomes very difficult in many ways during the winter season, not only because the cold makes it very difficult to get things done or to get from point A to point B but also because there new huge expenses that you have to meet just to keep warm. As the winter is fast approaching, you will need to be prepared for the cold months and find ways to spend as little as possible and save when you can. As the times get more difficult and the economy being in a downward slope, many tenants and home owners get very fearful on how they will afford to keep their families warm and comfortable as the cost of heating has shot up. Now that you found this post, I have a few tips that will certainly help you save some pounds on heating. Continue reading

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How much is too much on Hair?

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Trust Copperloy to Offer You the Best Industrial Ramps

Trust Copperloy to Offer You the Best Industrial RampsWhen it comes to industry equipments, no one wants to take chances. There are many companies that have made losses simply because they did not choose the best industry suppliers for all the equipment that they needed. This is one of the reasons why as an industry supplier, Copperloy does not take their clients for granted. This is a company that has been supplying industrial ramps as well as all the other related equipment to their clients. Other than the excellent customer care and products that the company offers, the experience that it has had over the years means that they have been able to maintain high profile clients and industrial leaders. Continue reading

Services Offered By Pragmatic Compliance Solutions (PCS) Company

Services Offered By Pragmatic Compliance Solutions (PCS) CompanyOther than Gabriel XBRL, what are some of the other services that are offered by the Pragmatics Compliance Company? Well, there are many ways in which companies like the PSC can help businesses do well in their various industries. It seems easy to start a company. However, to have the company licensed and comply with all the rules in the United Kingdom is not an easy thing.

Pragmatic Compliance Solutions (PCS)

This is a company in the UK that is run by two compliance professionals. Many people would wish to learn what compliance is all about before they can hire the services of this company or any other company in the UK. Well, when we talk about compliance, one is referring to the ability of a company to fulfill its part of the legal mandates or its ability to obey the laws that are stipulated for companies. This means that a company that is established in the UK has to follow all the guidelines that the country has put in place. Is it easy for you to really follow all the rules that are stipulated by the government? This is where the compliance companies come in. Below are some of the areas where a compliance company will help a firm to be in the good books of the government and regulators:

  1. FCA authorization
  2. Compliance health check
  3. Reporting on trade
  4. Ongoing compliance support
  5. Documentation on compliance
  6. FCA financial returns eg GABRIEL
  7. Financial Audits
  8. Program Monitoring

When it comes to the legal issues a compliance company such as PSC will come in handy. It will help your company to fix fees that have to do with legal reasons. It will also help you to do all your transactions in a confidential manner so that you will be legally protected in all the decisions that a company takes.

In the human resource regard, a compliance company comes in handy to help you to do the following tasks:

  1. Day to day advice
  2. Investigations that the company may need to do
  3. Equality and diversity of the employees
  4. The relations between employees
  5. Mediation where it is needed
  6. Pay and benefits that have to do with your employees
  7. Job evaluations to help you make the right HR decisions

FCA Authorization

When it comes to the financial activities that your company can undertake in the UK, all companies have to be regulated. This is the role of the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. This is the role that your company will need to be performed by a company that has what it take for this kind of guidance. With the PSC Company, you will be sure that the regulators will not catch up with you due to the fact that the company can guide your firm to the best regulations. The PSC Company has helped companies to be authorized in as far as financial compliance is concerned. The consultants that a company hires to help them to meet all the guidelines on compliance must be people who have been in the industry for long so that they can be assured of success in this role.

General Support

All companies that are establishing in the UK need to be helped with all the support that they need. All the compliance problems should be offered in the simplest ways possible and also the companies that help in compliance should be affordable to the firms that need their services.

General Health Check of Companies

Whether a company has a general compliance problem, all the company needs to do is hire a compliance company that can check their general wellbeing. This is to say that the compliance company will take their time to look at a firm and help them to comply with all the rules and the regulations that the company needs to fulfill for their operations. This is what is known as the general health check of the company.

Hunting: Can you afford the Right Equipment?

Hunting: Can you afford the Right Equipment?If you’re about to go on your first hunting trip, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. There’s no point you going hunting if you have to try to struggle on with equipment that may or may not work. If you’re looking for a few recommendations for the perfect knife to use then you need to visit this website.

Knives are an essential part of hunting, and you wouldn’t be able to get along without them. Sure, you need a gun to shoot your target, but how are you going to cut rope, cut the carcass or even make firewood? The best pocket knifearound may help you do this, but you may need something a little stronger than a pocket knife if you want to be serious about hunting.

Can you cope with second best?

But of course, you don’t just need knives, you need a lot more equipment too, but can you afford it? Do you really need to buy the best of the best? Or can you cope with something that’s second best?

The great thing about hunting is that you can have a good time even if you do not have the best equipment. The main thing is that you have some equipment that works, and it does everything that you need it to do. The shiniest knife, the coolest looking gun and the best clothing may make you feel good, but it may not boost your success when it comes down to hunting for real.

Learn to use it safely

No matter what kind of budget you find yourself on, you can usually afford the right equipment. Remember that as long as it works and as long as you know how to use your equipment safely, you don’t have to buy the most expensive items.

Start looking for the right equipment today so you can enjoy your time out hunting.